Learn How To Face The World

April 19, 2011

Exam finished !!! Im really happy ,more relax now.. n hope that I will get a good score.
Here its time to manage, what major should I get on my undergraduate..
4 years more to live in this lovely town..
Love this town <3
Sometimes I wonder what will I be in 4 years later..
Learn something new :
Go n get everything u like at least don't harm others, u know u will only live once.
Prepare target early.
Don't let people who love u worry bout u.

GO ! Good luck for me and all of u guys !

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  1. numpang promosiii....

    ayo daftarkan dirimu dan raih kesempatan untuk mendapatkan 5M..hanya dengan 180rb...awalnya saya tidak percaya dan hanya iseng saja ternyata ada notif bolak balik dari webmaster bahwa ad transferan duit...tunggu apa lagi...ayo gabung skrg juga....raih dan wujudkan impianmu dengan 5M...


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