Lunch on Thursday

by - July 04, 2017

I went back to Medan for one week to gathered with my family and friends , we all know Medan has a lot of delicious food to eat.

On Thursday I went to one cafe in Medan city name Laurence House , I love the ambience inside and it's quite cozy. It has Balinese ambience outside , and beside the cafe there was a Shoe Store's name Jasmine Elizabeth . I think they have same owner , maybe. 

I am wearing Yellow Layer Sleeve Tops from Her Elegance, it have yellow tie , you can use it for headband or choker too , i love to wear bright color for Summer , I pair it with skinny jeans . It looks casual yet comfie . 

The Cafe interior use a lot of greenies and wooden table and chair , it looks perfect with minimalist  yellow light . And a little vintage touch on the wall as seen there was some hanging pictures there.  It  also gives you choices to enjoy your time indoor or outdoor the cafe. 

Me and my friends eat some Indonesian food , I ate Bali Rise ( Nasi Bali ) , quite good i think . The food price quite affordable , worth to try .

See you soon on my next article !

Thankyou !

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