Create The Life You Love

by - September 27, 2017

Hi dear, it's been a long time ago I haven't meet you here, I'm quite busy these days, I was doing my clothing line first bazaar at Fx Sudirman Jakarta on 8-10 September 2017, thankyou for who have come and for the support to UMA CLOTH! ❤  Thankyou too for the sweet message I have received from all of you, I'm so greatful for it 😊

I'm also went to Bandung last week for a short trip, of course with great people around me, I will post and share it with you guys later, by the way I always wish to have a life that makes me free and I can do whatever that I want and now I definitely have it. 

Have you been at the place of your life that you are not satisfied and always complaining whatever happens? It's mean that you don't know what you really want in your life, go search for it and make it happen, I know sometimes it feels like super uncomfortable and some insecurities come over and over again if you want to jump in to a new stage in life, but please remember no one gonna help you to live a life you love and you desire, it's only you that can make it happen, be brave and feel amazing for yourself later.

I love to hear what kind of life that you love to live and how you create it! See you on my next article 💋

Xoxo, Justephanie

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