October Favorites

by - October 28, 2017

Voila! As I promise I will write my October Favorites, this is new category of my blog, so every month I will share what is my favorite things it can be cloth, accessories, book, places, skin care, or whatever that I'm obsessed with in that month. 

So first thing is skin care, if you guys see my snapgram, you will know these days I have a lot of pimples, hate it so much, then one day I go to Body Shop for searching their tea tree oil, it's so good for acne, and thankfully my acne decrease now. 

Second thing is my earrings, I got this from massicot, you can check their instagram @massicot_ , as you can see left and right is different, so cute right? 

My fav book this month is this called " You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero, so this book really give me so many motivation since I got so many things to do last month and this month, this book told us we can do everything that we want and we can change our life if we don't like it. Interested? Go buy it and start to read it ! And yeah I often read using kindle book, because it's easy to carry anywhere it just as big as your phone! :)

Do you love listening to podcast? My fav podcast this month is Lavendaire, she talk about life, motivation, self improvement, each podcast about 20 minutes, really recommend her podcast, she also have a youtube channel, you can check with Lavendaire word :) 

And here is my new everyday glasses, it's a gold one, since my old glasses is hitting my cheeks when i'm smiling or laughing, haha..  This gold sunglasses so comfort and chic, you can get it at OOPPA, they have a lot of store in Indonesia. Their glasses is made in Korea. 

And yeah, of course I will share my fav cloth with you guys, it comes with my floral denim skirt, I love this so much, cheerful simple and easy, I love the flower embroidery it's so beautiful. This is my clothing line collection, you can check it in instagram @uma.cloth. 

And last but not least, I'm just bought this baby, It's Fujifilm XA-3, I have searched for mirrorless camera and a lot people say that Fujifilm is a good choice, so I went to local store to buy this baby. Really happy with the result, good camera good picture good long lasting memory. 

tea tree oil / body shop

earrings / massicot

book / amazon 

glasses / ooppa

skirt / uma cloth

camera/ fujifilm 

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