Judge Less And Love More

by - May 24, 2018

Lately those are a lot of things happen in my life. I judge more than love. And honestly it's so tired and I have been so negative last few months. I feels ungrateful for things that I have, and I hate those feelings. I easily get disappointed and mad and it takes me in a bad mood.

Until I went to Bali and have a short trip with my fams, it change my mind and see a lot of things to grateful for, I have a lovely family and I feel loved too :) I have a career that I proud of , I surround by people that love me and I love them too as well. Sometimes we just feel everything doesn't enough and it effect our mood badly without realize about it. When you feel grateful enough,  definitely you will be more happy. 

We just can't control everything and not everything needs to be controlled :) No one in this world is pure and perfect. If you avoid people for their mistakes, you will be alone in this world. So please judge less and love more.

Justephanie Lee 

Tee - NewLook

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