Focus On What Really Matter ( TRUTH SAYING )

by - June 03, 2018

Have you ever been so drain because a lot of things to do and a lot of things to care about?
Yes ! Me too ! And this morning I watch a video from Mr. Bong Chandra and he say that we no need to do a lot of things everyday, we just need to focus on the only things that really matter and have an impact. I'm so agree with him, because I feel it my self . 

I have done a lot of things before but seriously, nothings go really well, because I don't focus about it and I do a lot of things together in the same time :( And it's really makes me so disappointed.

So what he said in that video, we need to care about our life margins not only margins in business but also margins in our life. Be slow down a lil bit and think about what really matters in our life. 

First thing we should know is nothing is gonna be late, a lot of successful people start their passion and business in 30's or even just find their success in their 60's , so please don't be afraid, because nothings gonna be late.

Second thing is, set a priority, because if we do a lot of things in the same time, nothing will go well. You just need to focus in one or two things and be great on it. And nobody teach this to me before, even my family. So, yeah you need to search and learn a lot for yourself, because nobody will care what will you become except yourself.

Third thing is, If you are good enough then no one will stopping you. Yeah, because when you believe in yourself and you do great so supporters will come itself and no one will stop you to things that you love! 

So, be better everyday and focus on what are you doing ! Keep watch out your circle because you will become who you are with the most. If you think it's a negative circle, please don't be afraid to say goodbye. Because no one will help you for reaching your desire life except yourself! 

Let's learn together and support one another !

PS: You can watch his full video by clicking this link !

Xoxo, Justephanie 

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