Smart Stylish Office Look

by - June 23, 2018

Are you working in office? Always struggling for what to wear in the morning? OK, do you love this style ? Oh me too ! I love how this navy blazer can be wear this stylish and it keeps this clean and smart look. I pair it with black long pants with ruffle in the bottom side. And one thing you need to choose material that is so good when it comes to summer, because you don't want to feel freaking hot when you are at outdoor right? 

And for the bag I use this big strap half moon sling bag, I love how it so simple and can match with my today outfit and for the mules I choose this red suede mules. Yeah and of course I don't forget my wear my earrings, hat and half moon sun glasses ! Ops, yeah I think you spot 2 half moon things here ;) 

How bout you? What kind of outfit you love to wear in this summer to the office but also look stylish and smart ? 

Long Pants - Uma Cloth 

Sunglasses - Favela 

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