Long Silk Batik Dress

by - August 14, 2018

Maybe you are the one that love long dress same as me? And anything that silk and elegant? Yes me too.. I always say yes for anything elegant .

I am wearing this long silk black dress from Uma cloth and the surprise is this is a batik, yes batik :) I just so in love with the print and it's a Indonesia ethnic material and I'm so proud to wear this on my day out. So, who says batik just can be wear on Friday? 

I love this dress cutting, it makes my body looks slim enough hahaha. Some of my friends always said to me that " You are slim now, so why are you still searching for some outfit that will make you looks slim more and more?", I just answer " Yeah, that's how every woman do, LOL ."

So, how bout you? What kind of dress do you love to wear in your day out? Please share and let me know :)

Dress - Uma Cloth

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