Red Cardigan with Pencil Pants

by - August 12, 2018

Recently I'm so in love with this pants from Berrybenka , I wear it at work and sometimes going to mall and for holiday outfit too! It's a perfect design for casual until formal outfit. For now I pair it with my yellow  silk top from Herell and outer from Berrybenka. 

Sometimes I just want to wear something light and easy in my day out, so I choose this outfit today. And for heels I pair it with my suede navy blue heels from Berrybenka. If you want a lil more casual and easy you just can wear any sandals you have and yeah you go holiday with this outfit too!

Don't forget to bring this summer hat too because it's so sunny nowdays and yeah of course small rattan bag is perfect too!

Pants - Berrybenka

Top - Herell

Outer - Berrybenka 

Bag - Atashop 

Heels - Berrybenka 

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