Easy Elegant Short Jumpsuit

by - October 20, 2018

Hi guys, happy weekend! How are you btw? It's a long time that we don't talk personally in this blog. 
So, These few days I'm feeling a little bit overload, a lot of things to do and it's makes my mind blown :( But I'm also grateful for this , it's mean that I'm productive enough.. 
But honestly I need some refreshment and holiday, where do you think I should go ?

And yeah today I wanna share to you about the outfit I'm wearing in this picture, It's a jumpsuit from Berrybenka , Yeah I mention a lot for this brand, I'm actually doing a  collaboration with them but the other side I also love their products, It's simple, fashionable and also comfortable enough for me. You can see this jumpsuit is so stylist and I am wearing my leather beret hat to complete my look. hehe

Actually sometimes I love to wear something easy and quick, and I for this time I always choose jumpsuit. Because it's so easy to wear and just need a second to be good looking . Haha 
So, how about you? Do you love jumpsuit too? 

Heels and Jumpsuit - Berrybenka 

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