Reasons Why The Right Relationship Is Absolutely Worth The Wait

by - October 09, 2018

You may have gone through a series of failed relationship and don’t know where to start rebuilding yourself. But you have indeed come to the conclusion that only when you work on yourself and achieve stability, will you be able to have a relationship that lasts.

The truth is you no longer see the point in giving your time and energy to people who are below your standards. You’re done with flings and want to connect with someone on a deep level and with whom you can evolve into a solid relationship. That takes work: realizing what you truly want from a potential partner and knowing exactly what you don’t need in your life.

At the end of the day, the wait is well worth it. Here is why:

1. The right relationship will not make you feel that you have settled for something less.

And that is one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that you didn’t settle with someone who was wrong for you, even though it was the easy path. You decided that it’s better to be on your own for a while, with everything that this implies. Because there is someone who is on the same page with you. They simply haven’t reached you yet.

2. The right relationship will bear a constant reminder of your worth.

You have become stronger, wiser and more emotionally aware and stable in the process. And you’ve even stop waiting because waiting implies you believe there is something else that can make you whole. You know you are whole. Connecting with another person would only be a bonus.

3. The right relationship will allow you to maintain your individuality and pursue your dreams.

Because it’s right. And when it’s right, the other person won’t feel the need to control you or erase what makes you unique. In fact, they will treasure this about you above all else. And they will even feel inspired by your commitment to pursue your goals and staying true to who you are on the inside.

4. The right relationship will not force you to change into someone you’re not, but will constantly push you to become better.

In other words, they will accept you, with all your flaws and quirks because they are well aware that no one is perfect. Moreover, you will strive together to become better human beings, constantly pushing each other to be kinder, love more.
And you know the right person will stay in your life, where they belong. Please share!

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