My Kind Of People - 14.12.2018

by - December 14, 2018

This is "my kind of people" that makes me feels click with

1. People who stay in the car longer to listen to music
2. People who are open minded and you can talk over anything
3. People who are love to see another person success
4. People who are grateful enough for their live
5. People who don't blame situation
6. People who are always willing to learn
7. People who will listening to lyric
8. People who will replay their current faves songs all over again
9. People who are love to laugh
10. People who are brave enough to say what she/he is thinking
11. People who can eat alone
12. People who can traveling alone
13. People who love to read in a silence
14. People who are willing to teach
15. People who jumps when they fill excited
16. People who can talks deeply about something
17. People who love reality show than korean drama
18. People who are more focus on what they love

To be continue......

BTW, how bout you?

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