What I Learn Personally in 2018

by - December 31, 2018

After almost 365 days pass, there are a lot up and downs, and of course those are a lot things that I have learnt from what have happened to me, those things are....

1. No need to care a lot of negative things , then you will be more happier
2. Stressful really breakout your skin
3. Fake it until you make it , it's true
4. Just start it , even it's embarassing sometimes, but after that you will thanks to yourself
5. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too
6. Dead environment really kill us
7. You can create a life you want
8. You are becoming the person that you hate
9. The strongest one bleeds in silence
10. Sometimes you are your own motivation
11. Even some people we admire have their own problem
12. Everyone need space for themself to figure out things more

How bout you ? I'm glad to hear from you ! :)

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