Things To Leave Behind To Make The Big Change

by - March 12, 2019

In order to make that big change in my life, I needed to leave some things behind. For good. In the hope for a better, authentic life, I must allow myself to move forward. I had to release myself from the past, that’s the only way to embrace the future.

We have to abandon our emotional baggage until it’s too late. Because all of that baggage makes each day more toxic than yesterday. And that’s not the way to live. You have to let go of some things, even if you feel terrified of change. Only by leaving this toxicity behind can we get ahead.

1. A relationship that doesn’t feel right

If it doesn’t feel right, you know it in your heart. And it’s better to make that decision now rather than later. Maybe they are just not the right person for you. Allow yourself to seek another love story. Needless to say that you should leave right now if they’re abusive or cheating.

2. That whole set of mistakes

So you have collected more than one mistake in your lifetime, who hasn’t? You have the permission to walk away from your mistakes, they don’t have to determine your future.

3. The friendship that’s no longer friendly

Surround yourself with people who bring positivity in your life, who make you feel good about yourself, who make you laugh. Leave the others behind.

4. Those things you don’t love about yourself

Accept your flaws or better, embrace them. Don’t let them dictate your life. YOnly you have the power to change what is it that you don’t like about yourself, what can be changed, be the best version of yourself that you can be.

5. That awful and unworthy job

If your job leaves you unfulfilled and simply unhappy, you are entitled to finding something better.
Let the change begin! 

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