Thankyou 2019 , Welcome 2020

by - December 29, 2019

Counting 2 days left for 2019, and I'm ready for 2020. I'm really grateful for this year, I have experience a lot this year , a lot things happen to me, sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad, sometimes I'm scared and sometimes I'm excited, and that is life. :)

Let me conclude what I have done on this year and what I have learned. So yeah, basically I got new job in fashion service company,  I have been collaborate with a lot of beauty and fashion brand in this year, I'm arranging one of my big moment in my life too ( it's still a secret , but you will know soon ), and I'm starting a food business too, ah and I have been interviewed by one of TV channel company for sharing my blogger journey. I'm really grateful and thankful to these opportunities, but on the other side sometimes I feed tired to do a lot of things together, and I have my own insecurities too, sometimes I compared my self to the other, but I think it's okay because it makes me who I am today :) 

I also traveled twice in this year, once with my family and once with my friends. I'm really happy and I really love to travel. It makes me calmer and happier. :) Oh I'm also living healthier this year !!! I'm jogging, I do yoga, I do exercise in the morning and of course I eat a lot of healthy food this year :)

I also read a lot of new books this year! Oh, it's really nice how you can find yourself in the book, you feel connected and you find new things there! 

I hope 2020 will bring me a lot of other experience, I can love myself more, I can believe in myself more, I can do more things I love :) and my big wishlist is I can traveling by myself , yes alone ! 

Oh let me tell you, those are some things on my wishlist for 2019 but I don't make it too, hahaha. I close my clothing line that you know all it used to be Uma Cloth. But I think it's okay, we can't have it all right? I shouldn't give up and I'm still trying :)

Thankyou so much for 2019, and hey 2020, show me and let's us play !

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