28 Things I've learned in 28 Years

by - August 19, 2020


Hi It's Leo seasons now! Shout out to Leo babes out there ! So it have been 28 years I'm living in this world, and voila ! Today I wanna share 28 things that I have learned, psstttt It's a lot and It's more than 28, but yeah let's do only for 28 today ! 😜

1. You know everything happens in our life really means to be happens! And when you think of it, it seems like a miracle that brings you today :)

2. I always wish for the best in every moment, but sometimes it's never gonna happen. Life is a roller coaster, we have up and down moments, but cherish it! 

3. People change and some people are just like a short movie in your life. You never ever gonna have them anymore in your life.

4. How a city can make you fall in love sooo much! I studied in Guangzhou, China before. A lot moments happen there and I truly miss that environment and situation! Everytime I think of it and it makes my heart melt. 

5. Some people really just want to take you as a granted. Never ever trust people in the first sight. First impression gonna lie. 

6. I realize that we cannot makes everyone happy! Even our family, we have our own life and we have our own right to choose what we want and what we deserved to :)

7. Wow social media is improving so much! I can believe that I do have Friendster and now as you know Tik Tok everywhere. And a lot of business comes and grow from this social media, it's amazing.

8. Dress up can really turn up your mood and it's true. Try to have a clean body and dress up as you like.

9. Having your own business even it's a small one, it is just a blessing! I have been working in a several companies and you know, i'm happier to have my own stuff that I can control more.

10. Silence is more powerful. You know you are an adult. when sucks situation doesn't bother you.

11. I really love to travel, I love to see new things, to have new experience. Of course travel with the one I love. 

12. If you don't have money, please don't say what happiness is. Because you know, when you can't afford to do a little thing you want, it's truly can't make you happy. Please be realistic.

13. Customers is just a queen it's true, but your employees is much important. I believe on that and I have see a lot of cases.

14. There are not a same feeling when you know you will be married to someone you love and having a first boyfriend. LOL... 

15. I really don't expect anything "wow", I believe when I do and good things that supposed to be happen will happen. No need to rush them. Rushing just makes you sucks.

16. Need 2 hands to clap. Just same as relationship, need effort of 2 people to make relationship goes well.

17. Pandemi really sucks, 28 years of my life I have just been through this.. A lot of big company bankrupt, a lot of small business owners struggling..

18. Building a business not easy nowadays, it doesn't same as 4 years before , how we can sell a lot of stuff online, and it's easier to get new customers. 

19. In 28 years, I never even imagined what kind of man i would marry, and surprisingly i met him in my 25th and still never imagined he is the one. lol

20. Spend time alone is a good idea, i know myself more and i love myself more..

21. Everyone have their own story, never judge anyone, because we don't even know what happen to them. Stay silent and see, never judge.

22. Communication such a key in every aspect of your life. Communication really makes all things easier.

23. Not everyone deserved your kindness. 

24. Sometimes I'm really sure for what I want, but sometimes I lost too. That's life! 

25. Being honest such a difficult thing especially when it makes other down. But, it good to say out loud, because being yourself and stand for what you believe is priceless.

26. Different age of life have different priority. But believe me, not everyone act as her/his age. Not everyone can be wiser although she/ he is older... 

27. Success is not a goal, but it's a process. Because when we reach one goal, we want another goal. And it's tiring. 

28. Grateful journal really helps my life become better. Good things happen more after I feel grateful.. :)

Thanks for reading this and thanks to have me in your life. 
Hope this article also help you and inspiring you. 
Be a better self everyday..
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Xoxo, Jlee

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